Making Shopping Fun Again

Making Shopping Fun Again

Posted by A BePear Promoter and Customer! on Nov 14th 2018

I used to love shopping and getting all dolled up. Then I got busy! I went off to college and on a tight budget, most of my outfits consisted of sweats, jeans, and t-shirts as I juggled classes, homework, and a job. I had just a limited few outfits for the occasional party and date. Sweats were ideal as they stretched in the right places, and I could collect them at the waist with that wonderful pull strap. That worked for a while, but then I graduated and had to embark on the job hunt and subsequently a new career.

I needed a massive upgrade on my fashion sense. The problem was that as I went out shopping for work-appropriate pants, dresses, and skirts, with my curves I had the most difficult time finding garments that properly fit. As a pear-shape, pants and skirts were too tight here, too loose there, and form-fitting dresses bulged at the shoulders and back. Still on a tight budget, I had to learn how to alter my own clothing. What an inconvenience!! Somehow I was able to accumulate a decent wardrobe, but I can assure you there was homegrown stitching on practically all of my bottoms.

I LEARNED TO DREAD SHOPPING!! It was a scavenger hunt every time I went, and with the long hours I was putting into my new job, I didn’t have the time or energy to refresh my wardrobe. I had to make the best of a limited wardrobe by mixing and matching various tops with bottoms to come up with creative combinations.  I’m so glad BePear is helping address this issue. Not only have they created their own size-chart for ladies like me, but they also are experimenting with fabric types. There’s a science behind the process, engineering beautiful garments that fit properly and don’t pop open upon sitting down. I’m so excited with their approach and look forward to the additional bottoms they will offer.

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