Pep It Up!

Pep It Up!

Posted by Andrea on Aug 3rd 2017

Peplums have been a part of fashion since at least the times of the Ancient Greeks.  It's a useful design element that creates the look of a cinched waist and curvy hips. But these are usually attached to the dress, skirt, or blouse.  In the name of versatility and style, BePear introduces the detachable peplum!  We've called it the Peplum Adde and it gives you the flexibility to wear it when you want, remove it when you don't.  It can be used as a peplum when worn at the waist or as a beautiful shawl when worn at the shoulders.  It's not only fit for possibly every occasion, casual to formal, but also compliments the curves of the pear shape.

Show Off Your Curves

BePear peplums pep up the curves of your hips!  The pear-shaped figure consists of a small bust with wider hips.  Sometimes, it can be difficult finding the perfect style to accentuate the frame of your natural body shape.  But no need to worry because the peplum can save your day.  The close fit to the waist at the top of the peplum presents the beginning of the body’s natural curve. When the fabric flares out from the waist to the hips, it peps up the curves of your hips with grace and life! Staying true to the natural curve of the body, the peplum is meant to be worn in comfort and confidence. There’s no need to suffocate yourself to have a thin waist or show off the lining of the rump. Let your body speak for itself without the pressure. What you wear should compliment you, not the other way around.

Versatile Style

Another key aspect about the peplum is that it is detachable for multiple use! Not only do you have to wear it around your waist, but you can also adjust the peplum for different styles: Around your waist for the commonly-confident look, delicately around the shoulders, or a poised look without it. Either way, you’d be strutting in a garment that suits your shape and adds versatility to your wardrobe. From casual to formal, you can rock each style for every occasion. Wear the peplum around the waist with it's matching blouse and BePear jeans for casual night out with friends.  And if the night gets cool, move it up to your shoulders and wear it as a shawl.  Or wrap it around the waist with a pencil skirt and fabulous heels at a business meeting or enjoying the nightlife.  Either way, this garment offers you a flexible fashion option for a more confident style.

Color Options

And of course, the style also comes in an assortment of colors to choose from: Navy blue for the modest, Mustard for the sincere, Red for the bold, Jacquard patterns for the courageous, and Black for a timeless look.  Each Peplum Adde has a matching blouse available.

What you wear should compliment you…

You don't have to settle or put up with the frustrations that come with unrealistic fashions.  An outfit may look great on the “skinny” model or mannequin it was designed for and the measurements in the chart seem right until you actually attempt to put it on. Oftentimes, materials used just don't complement your curves.  Or worse, the colors and/or patterns used on items that do fit seem to be just plain ugly.  BePear garments, on the other hand, brings you fashion where the fabric is forever, sizing is worry free, garments are versatile, and style is created with you in mind. That is what we had in mind when we created the Peplum Adde.  BePear encourages you to BeConfident, BeBeautiful, and just BeYou. With pieces such as the peplum, versatility, comfort, and confidence is the realistic goal for living a life in style.

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