Start with BePear, Finish with You

Start with BePear, Finish with You

Posted by Andrea on Sep 20th 2017

Tyra Banks is well known for her prowess as a supermodel and entrepreneur. However, throughout her journey, she has had to overcome obstacles that stood in her way. As beautifully talented as she is, she is very open and honest about her experiences, particularly those difficult times when she was rejected by infamous designers. Before she could indulge the idea that she was “not good enough”, her mother, her anchor, swayed her away from the idea with a slice of pizza.

Based on Tyra’s experience, we learn that we shouldn’t live by the narrow opinions of others, no matter how famous they are. Our body is unique and special in it’s own right. Just because you may not be as thin or thick, or as tall or as voluptuous as the person next to you or on the cover of a magazine, it doesn’t mean that you have to change yourself to please others and to fit into an ever-changing trend. On the contrary, it's an opportunity to spotlight your own uniqueness.

Your style is your creative spectrum and you are the center. If you took a look inside your closet, which pieces stand out the most? Which pieces really highlight your figure appropriately? Which pieces make you feel runway-confident when you walk out the door?

When choosing these pieces, you may not have picked out a truck load of clothes, but a select few that really stand out for you. Whether its a cute top or bottom, you find a way to wear the attire because it suits you best. The best part about it, no one told you it was wrong and it’s an easy pick! You feel good flaunting your figure in attire that best represents your personality.

This leads to what BePear attire can do for you. BePear garments are timeless in style and fit for curvy, pear-shaped figures.  That's exactly what it was designed to do. The brand aims to help you narrow your search for clothing that make you feel runway-ready each and everyday. The plus side is that you can also embellish the garments with a long necklace, that cute belt around the waist, or even a hat to make you feel extra polished. BePear attire is also made with reliable forever-fabric that is long lasting and sustainable. So, not only will you look fabulous but also you won't have to worry about petty wear & tear cheap material. Wearing BePear begins your journey of self-confidence and bold style. It is a brand happy to be your anchor as you find the style that is just right for you.

If somebody told you that you were beautiful, would you believe it for yourself? The idea of beauty starts with what YOU think, not anyone else. In the words of Tyra, “Work with what you got” because in the end, it’s all you. BePear aims for women to appreciate their curvy pear-figure as they are. 

Your style is your confidence. BePear, BeYou.

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