What's In a Name?

What's In a Name?

Posted by Frances on Aug 13th 2018

Pear shaped.  Triangle.  Hourglass. Curvy.  We've all heard the various terms that attempt to describe our body shape and categorize our style.  Heck, we use it in our brand name BePear!  

Comparing our body's shape to a geographic figure or a fruit seems like an over-simplification. As I've said before, every body is different precisely because everybody differs. Our bodies have curves and hips.  And those curves vary based on height and weight.  Bodies aren't straight for most women.  For some strange reason, the fashion industry has ignored these facts for way too long and women continue to struggle to find nice clothes that fit them well. 

We started BePear to address this need and have focused on two things:  (1) Design and make beautiful clothing that fits the curves of a "pear" shaped woman and (2) find clothing from other brands that fit women with curves and standardize their size to our size chart. We strive to provide great looking fashion and a shopping experience that takes the doubt out of it. And we mostly focus on separates to allow you to choose the right size for your top and your bottom.  

What is a "pear" or "triangle" shaped body? Generally speaking you are a pear shape if:

  • Your hips are bigger than your bust
  • Your waist is about 65% to 80% of your hips

Typical features of a pear shaped figure Include:

  • You have a big bootie
  • You tend to have proportionately slimmer arms and narrower shoulders
  • You have a more slender neck
  • You have a narrower mid-section

We use these guidelines in helping us design and source our inventory.  

In designing, we use data collected from our volunteers to optimize the shape of the pattern.  And we select quality materials that have the right stretch and weight.  Every new design is provided to our testers for feedback before we finalize and move to production right here in the USA. 

So what's in a name?  Our name is BePear and that is our focus.  We can't make clothes for every shape, but we do our best to make amazing clothes for women with curves sizes 6-24. If you haven't already, give us a try.  We are confident our clothes will look fabulous on you!

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