Why I Love Scarves

Why I Love Scarves

Posted by Bella on Dec 4th 2018

Scarves are sometimes an afterthought when dressing.  But in reality, scarves are a great way to spruce up an outfit.  It can add a splash of color that lets you get away with an otherwise solid colored outfit.  It draws attention to your upper body and can appear to create volume in your bust area, both outcomes that you want as a pear shaped gal.  Often times, when I've put on an outfit and add a colorful scarf, it's the one piece that gets complimented.  

Of course, scarves are very functional as well.  They keep your neck and head warm in cold, windy days.  Larger scarves can be used as a makeshift sweater when in need.  For example, I was at the movie theater recently where the temperature was a tad cold.  I wrapped myself in my handy dandy scarf and voila I was warm! 

In a nutshell, scarves are a magical accessory!  Check out the scarves for sale at or send me any ideas you have on scarf fashion.  

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