Your BePear Size

All BePear fashion is designed to solve fit challenges faced by curvy women and conforms to one size chart we engineered from hundreds of data points obtained from our BePear volunteers.  Additionally, BePear Approved garments, those made by other brands that we find and test for you, are re-sized by us to ensure all items use our same size chart.  For the best experience, open a BePear Account and, with just a few data points, we give you your BePear size. In exchange, we also give you a 20% off coupon!  Time to take the guess-work out of online shopping. 

At BePear, we know that every body is different, so our size calculator is intended to be a guide for estimating your size and is for directional purposes only. 

The diagram below illustrates how to measure yourself.  For hip and bust sizes, measure at the widest points.  For waist size, measure at the smallest point.  For inseam, measure from crotch to the floor or get the size from your favorite pair of jeans.